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ADIDAS Originals #Represent with B-boy’s Wouks and The Curse


ADIDAS Originals #Represent with B-boy’s Wouks and The Curse

In their first edition of the #Represent campaign Adidas gave us beatboxer/producer sensation George Avakian and DJ Switch. In this edition they hang with two guys largely responsible for continuing to take SA B-boy culture to new heights in the country and abroad, Wouks No-jokes and world ranked floor assassin and winner of the 2012 Red Bull BC One South African Cypher, The Curse.

ADIDAS Originals #Represent with B-boy’s Wouks and The Curse 7ba2097a9b2f39d3e46f907ab12a9dcdThe videos aim to promote the larger campaign which calls for all ambitious creatives to record a video of your crew (2 or more people) showing the public how you intrinsically express yourself in any way you wish and what you’re all about. There are mad prizes to be won, not to mention a nice fat cheque for you to continue to #represent. So to B-boys, emcees, skaters, graph artists, DJs and ballers (not exclusively, but because we personally don’t consider croquet to be errr.. cool) – this is your chance! Make sure you keep up with them on Twitter too (@adidasZA). In the meantime, check out this vid:

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